Helping you understand your business customers better and faster, providing the insight needed to create growth today

Segment and Score

Identify and tag industry segments across your existing leads and customers


Allow sales and marketing to adopt native language and context specific to a target industry

Look-Alike Audiences

Identify and target look-alike industry opportunities based on similar profiles


Understand Your Audience

Direct your industry research efforts toward specific segments

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Delivering unique customer understanding across verticals and leading brands, with razor-sharp focus on understanding your customers; so that you can target and personalise the experiences you create for them better than ever.

Why choose



Appendability allows you to segment and personalise communication-based on industry attributes

This Industry Code (and variations such as ANZSIC Code) and will be expanded over the coming months based on real customer feedback and demand.

✓ Quality Local Results

Developed using Australian IP and USPs built by parent Marketsoft over 30 years.

✓ Real-Time

Results resolved and delivered in microseconds via our enterprise API service layer.

✓ Measurable improvement

To conversion, retention,, and average order value.

✓ 100% managed by Marketsoft

with no IT overhead.

✓ Simple integration

 via API layer with setup support options available.

✓ Security

Appendability complies strictly with ISO 27001 and 17799 (information security and quality standards).

Appendability Pricing

Appendability is the only fully integrated solution on the market that resolves and delivers quality business attributes in real-time, via our secure API service. This means enhancement can occur from initial lead capture, as part of systematic data quality, or within existing workflows.


  • Real-time API service
  • Integration support
  • Monthly reporting 

$0.50 per match


  • Real-time API service
  • Integration support
  • Monthly reporting
  • Integration resourcing
  • Continual improvement feedback
  • File Upload Portal
  • Batch Processing

Incentivised credit options

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How do you access my customer data?

Appendability plugs into your existing system’s web service layer using secure API calls. 

Don’t panic – integration is a simple process and we’re with you every step of the way. For pre-paid subscriptions we’ll even resource the development and provide you a portal to upload data for batch processing. Nice!

What is the Appendability deployment model?

Appendability is offered under a cloud model, which allows us to both manage the cost and ensure your service is maintained to the high standard that ensures our privacy compliance level.


Please contact us if you require a private cloud or on-premise deployment.

There are heaps of industry and ANZSIC products out there. What makes you guys different?

Appendability takes the best of traditional approaches and delivers the industry append service better. We utilise  range of business directories and data assets, as well as web research and scraping to deliver what we think is the highest quality append result on the market. 

Appendability is also available via API which means customers can integrate in real-time, a feature not readily available on the market.

Is my data and customer's privacy really safe?

During the time it is handled by Appendability, your data is bound by Marketsoft’s – our data management parent – enterprise Information Security Framework. This framework aligns to and is compliant under regulatory controls, ISO 27001 and 9001, and has over 30 years protected data of Australia’s largest financial services organisations, government agencies, retailers, and charities.

What if I have a bespoke requirement?

While Appendability prides itself on driving growth for B2B sales and marketing operations in Australia and New Zealand, we can’t do everything. For data requirements outside of Appendability’s realm, please contact our loving parent company, Marketsoft.